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Rain…rain…and more rain!

Rain is drenching Vermont Timber Works today. It is coming down so hard that I can barely stay awake. This rain, hitting our metal roof, is amazingly deafening. I cannot hear myself think, so, gee, I think I’ll blog. That will job my brain!

I don’t have a photo to share, but I can describe this fall weather. It’s not winter yet, is it? I think it’s still fall. Anyway, it is dark for 2:30 PM, almost as dark as this print. It is muddy too; I squished and sloshed to the mailbox earlier. There won’t be leaves left on our trees after this downpour. Worse, it is 36 degrees. Brr! This will mess up my fishing trip tomorrow.

Inside Vermont Timber Works, it’s not exactly toasty warm. This is a shop, after all, a hard working facility filled with hard working skilled workers. We work hard pretty much like the mailman, snow or sleet, rain or shine. Yep, we’re here. You can call if you like. It will make our sales team work even harder. We like to see them running around making everything go right. Me? I think I’ll daydream a while. Isn’t that what rain is for?

  1. Hannah
    June 14, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Funny but it’s May and it’s still raining!!!

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