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The Buildup of a Project

We get projects in of all shapes and sizes.  The information that we receive from the client also ranges from a full set of construction drawings to hand sketches and images.  How does the information we receive become a building?  Here is a little sample of what drawings we receive and how we can make it into a timber frame building.

In an e-mail we were given the overall dimensions of the building; length and width.  The location was also provided and we know how important that information is.  We were also given the side wall height and the roof slope, along with this picture.

This is an image of a barn that the client liked and want something similar.  We then take this information and it goes to the estimator.  The estimator looks at the information and ask questions like what material is the project going to be cut from and do they have a bay size preference.  The they estimate the cost of the timber frame and put together preliminary sketch together.

Once the preliminary sketches are completed, and the bid becomes an actual project, the client needs to make note of any changes that they would like.  This information, the material list from the bid, and the preliminary sketches is then drawn in a 3D drafting program and the design begins.  The program allows us to produce 3D-pdf’s for the client to review as well as 2D drawings for construction purposes.

Then this is what the final frame looks like.

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