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Just give me a price…

How many times do you get a call and the caller just wants a price?  It happens to us quite often and since we are a custom timber frame shop, each project needs to be estimated and that takes time.

Step 1:  Sandy (me) or Mike gets the info, sometimes architectural drawings, sometimes a sketch drawn by the contractor, sometimes a described project by the homeowners.

Step 2: Estimating Dept.  reviews the provided information, comes up with a material list, allowance for steel (if needed), sometimes a sketch for the potential client to review.

Step 3: Sometimes our structural engineer needs to take a look at the estimated project, like she did for this one.  42FT scissor truss….What’s the roof pitch and where is this located?

Step 4:  Back to me (Sandy) material list entered and priced out.  Wood species, in this case, Douglas Fir, surfaced 4 sides and free of heart center…check.

Step 5:  On the bench.  Owners will review, set design complexity, adjust as needed and back to me. Quite a lot of thought goes into this process.

Step 6:  Presentation created and presented.

Wow, that’s a lot of work.

So how about you just give me a price?

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