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InStyleTour / Giovanni DeCunto

October 22, 2012 2 comments

InStyleTour / Part 2

Meeting Giovanni DeCunto and viewing his new artwork collection was wonderfully exciting!

Just a few of the featured paintings…incredible!


Laurie Gorelick WON the painted that Giovanni gifted to InStyleTour!! Lucky girl 🙂

and there was dancing.

Thank you Blanco America and Giovanni DeCunto for sponsoring this event, I believe a wonderful time was had  by all!

Great job hosting by Andie Day & Todd Vendituoli

Richard from Vermont Custom Cabinetry and Sandy (me) from Vermont Timber Works, very happy to be involved.

Recap of part 1

As a few of you may know, I’m still wondering what to do with this wall space in my new room, below the ceiling beams…what do you think about a set from Giovanni? Maybe a trilogy?


Hand Hewn Ceiling Beams

Sometimes just a few decorative ceiling beams are needed for a project.  Hand hewn, even better.

Step 1, choose your wood species, we recommend eastern white pine.

Step 2, find the adze…I know it’s around here somewhere.

Thank you Kellin, for posing with the adze.

Step 3, bring on the slick.

Important.  Do not pick up the slick from the wooden handle.

Step 4, time for finish.  Minwax Driftwood has been ordered.

Pictures soon!

Delivered 8/29/12 and ready to be installed.