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Impressive Journey

June 20, 2012 19 comments

Impressive Journey AKA Ashley

She would like a new horse barn.  Why?  Well, I think she may be tired of chewing on her barn.  Chewing you ask? Yes, her barn was built with eastern white pine trim pieces and stall doors, (not the best choice).

Native hemlock would have been a better choice.  Although when bored, she does chew on her hemlock fence, not nearly as much as the white pine.

This barn design rocks. Rough sawn hemlock timbers, traditional timber framing, beautiful design.

Ashley agrees, this could work.

Ok, who wants a Vermont Timber Works T-Shirt? Here’s the deal, leave a comment over the next week, I’ll draw a winner at random on Wednesday 6/27/12.  AND, 1st one who comments which breed of horse my Ashley is will get an extra entry.

Good Luck!


Handcrafted For The Horses

This post begins over on Tom’s blog Hand Crafted Timber Frames, his client asks him “Why do I care if it’s handcrafted”? Great question, great post and great project.

Tom’s client decided that he did care. Sharing these finished timber frame barn pictures with you, what do you think?

Let’s check out the interior… Are you ready?

Lucky horses, very lucky.

Thank you Eric J. Smith Architect not only for bringing us such a wonderful opportunity, but for also sharing these pictures.  Much appreciated!

more lucky horses…

September 22, 2011 Leave a comment

We are raising a timber frame horse barn this week, in Green Pond, SC.  More lucky horses!

After Day 1 Raising:

More progress shots on the way…for now, here is our rendering.

After Day 2, Woot!

Day 3 + We Are DONE! Timber frame is up and looks beautiful.  Happy client, happy GC, and of course, happy horses!

Timber Frame Home for Horses

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment

This post and beam horse barn not only has a spot for the horses & the hay, but also the horse trailer! LOVE that.

Custom designs, engineering for your location, hand crafted, always.

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