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Let’s talk about Joinery

It’s all about the joinery (sometimes)! Timber frame traditional joinery, steel joinery as needed or requested.

Starting with Traditional Joinery

Mortise and Tenon Joint held together with 1″ birch peg, elegant and strong. Yes, working for me, how about you?

Maybe something a little fancier? King post with webs and finial…love it.

Would you leave the joinery pegs extended?  Or cut them flush?

Corner post detail, shouldered mortise and tenon, simply beautiful.

I’m leaning towards pegs cut flush…you?

STEEL Joinery, how about it? Our engineer loves steel 🙂 just ask her!

Sometimes our clients ask for steel joinery just because they like the look of it.  Nothing wrong with that, we aim to please!

Many times steel is needed for strength due to the design.

This project is an 80ft octagon at the Stowe Mountain Resort (of course steel joinery WAS needed)!

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Happy New Year 2012 Bring it

Bring on the SNOW I mean 🙂

Spruce Camp Base Lodge @ Stowe

It’s snowing today…which is great news.

Happy New Year

from all of us @

Vermont Timber Works, Inc.