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Timber Frame Raising

The boys have been away, shop was quiet last week.

Raising this timber frame in Bridgewater,  VT.

Us office folk really missed them, we like noise in the shop.  Did you know that the same timber framers that hand cut the timbers are the same group that travel and raise our timber frames?  We’ll if you didn’t, you know it now.

Do we raise all of our frames?  No, we are flexible.

This frame, we started with the lower lever and 1st floor deck.

Up from there with native hemlock timbers, left rough sawn for a rustic look. Traditional Joinery (for the most part).

Looking good!

We teamed up with Fire Tower Engineered Timber on this one. Great group!


Handcrafted For The Horses

This post begins over on Tom’s blog Hand Crafted Timber Frames, his client asks him “Why do I care if it’s handcrafted”? Great question, great post and great project.

Tom’s client decided that he did care. Sharing these finished timber frame barn pictures with you, what do you think?

Let’s check out the interior… Are you ready?

Lucky horses, very lucky.

Thank you Eric J. Smith Architect not only for bringing us such a wonderful opportunity, but for also sharing these pictures.  Much appreciated!

Let’s talk about Joinery

It’s all about the joinery (sometimes)! Timber frame traditional joinery, steel joinery as needed or requested.

Starting with Traditional Joinery

Mortise and Tenon Joint held together with 1″ birch peg, elegant and strong. Yes, working for me, how about you?

Maybe something a little fancier? King post with webs and finial…love it.

Would you leave the joinery pegs extended?  Or cut them flush?

Corner post detail, shouldered mortise and tenon, simply beautiful.

I’m leaning towards pegs cut flush…you?

STEEL Joinery, how about it? Our engineer loves steel 🙂 just ask her!

Sometimes our clients ask for steel joinery just because they like the look of it.  Nothing wrong with that, we aim to please!

Many times steel is needed for strength due to the design.

This project is an 80ft octagon at the Stowe Mountain Resort (of course steel joinery WAS needed)!

Thanks for stopping by, comments are welcome.

Traditional Joinery

January 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Traditional timber frame joinery is elegant,  beautiful, and classic,  using mortises and tenons,  held with hardwood pegs.

Dovetail joints are common, as are shouldered connections, tongue and forks, decorative wood finials and more.

Did you know that we custom design our joinery?  Well, now you know 🙂

All of our joints are designed and engineered to fit the specific needs of the project.

Let’s Raise It

October 17, 2011 4 comments

Let’s raise this timber frame.

Vermont Timber Works Crew, check.

GMH Transport show up yet with the timbers?  Yes, check

Forklift? Check

Lull? Check

OK.  Ready – Set – GO

Gambrel Roof with King & Queen Post Truss Designs

Beautiful Timber Frame & Beautiful View!


April 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Vermont Timber Work’s degree of refinement never ceases to amaze me.

We fabricate the timber, while others fabricate the steel, yet it all

comes together in a precise fit.

How can we do that?

Vermont Timber Works provides

exquisite timber truss design with steadfast structural engineering .

That’s how.

Sunrise and Timber Framing, Beautiful!

March 16, 2011 3 comments

This is a rare progress shot, sunrise into this timber frame home, so beautiful.  Custom designed for a client that just walked into our shop one day with some questions.  Here is the design as drawn:

Native hemlock timbers were chosen, rough sawn and semi-sanded to soften the look.    Modified hammer beam design in the dormer, love it.

Hammer beam  is looking good, don’t you think so?  Traditional joinery with pegs extended, too bad this needs to be covered up, but it  is a residence :).