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Timber Frame + Wood Flooring?

September 28, 2012 3 comments


Maybe not…

1st photo, this design works.  the contrast the painted cabinetry offers, in my opinion, makes this work.

2nd photo, can you say LOVE THIS!! I love the Soapstone flooring tiles by Vermont Soapstone.  (Whether a timber frame home or not, this is a fabulous option).

How about cement tile?

Loving the tiles also, but so many choices…I would need an Interior Designer.  ANDIE are you available?

Back to the wood flooring…if there is enough interesting character, I’m in!

So, timber framing + wood flooring = YES.

Timber framing + soapstone tiles = Yes yes!

Cement tiles get my vote also.


Custom Timber Frame + Custom Kitchen

April 30, 2012 5 comments

Great combination!

The big question (for me)…to paint the cabinetry or not?

Wood timbers, wood cabinetry and maybe wood flooring? Too much wood?

If you want contrast, I suggest staining the timbers OR the cabinetry a few shades darker.  Maybe painting the cabinetry, but not painting the timbers…unless we talking about a timber cottage on the beach?

The painted cabinetry in this home (above) provides needed contrast.  I wonder if that is Old Fashioned Milk Paint?

(below pic) This design works well, in my opinion, due to the windows.  Upper cabinetry would be too much wood for my taste, not enough contrast from the timber framing.  What are your thoughts?

Counter top is also an area to have some fun and create contrast.  A favorite is Vermont Soapstone, and of course, everyone loves granite…(don’t they)?

What are your thoughts on center picture? Too much wood?

Timber Frame Shopping…Done. What’s Next?

November 2, 2011 6 comments

Ok, you’ve picked out your timber framer and soon you’ll have your new timber frame home.  Many more decisions still need to be made, important decisions.

Now, let’s finish up on the inside.  One of my favorite rooms to design & shop for is the kitchen.

Cabinetry, custom designed and hand crafted just like your timber frame (of course). Let’s go, Vermont Custom Cabinetry.

Counter tops?  I’m thinking soapstone, let’s check in with Glenn Bowman and see what he thinks?

Maybe a soapstone sink also…Yes, I like that idea.

Lighting Design?  Yes, another area I like, alot.

How about  Hubbartdon Forge, lighting with some weight, to balance out those timber beams.

Hand-forged wrought iron, made in Vermont, can’t beat that.

This pretty pendant is hanging over my dining room table 🙂 LOVE it.

Ok, more shopping…

FLOORING = Vermont Hardwoods & The Flooring Mill

Country Red Birch is on sale, through the month of November, great to hear!

Eastern White Pine is always a hit.

OK, shopping is done…for now.  Maybe next time we’ll venture over into New Hampshire?

Comments welcome 🙂