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Timber Frame Hybrid / Finished

The beginning Timber Frame Hybrid

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

Anyone up for a game of pool?

I’ll play pool anytime under these heavy timber trusses.

This stunning project had a great team, Ghidorzi Architects & Schutlz Building.  Excellent job!

Photo Credit:  David Bader Photography


Timber On the Interior AND Exterior

October 13, 2011 2 comments

This Timber Roof System is purely decorative AND was installed after the main roof framing was on, not an easy task.

Decorative timber on the exterior gables is a welcome detail…and a really cool pool doesn’t hurt!

The Livin’ is Easy

July 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Country Home

Country living…ahhh. I feel a warm breeze and, oh, that sunshine…not. It’s raining buckets at Vermont Timber Works.

Warm Interior

Pull up a chair. Let me fix you a cup of mint tea. Hot fritters are on the stove.

Timber Beams

I’ll bet your cat would love that sturdy wood railing. Feel like walking in circles?

FrameTo start with you need a frame, built with ‘most excellent’ trusses. We can do that.