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Timber Frame Raising / Progress Shots

December 5, 2012 2 comments


View from the jobsite!

Timber Frame Raising Day 2

Great progress for day 2 timber frame raising.

Day 3, love that view!


Setting Joists


Setting the last full bent


Setting joists in the loft area…


Can you imagine the view looking out the dormer?

Timber Frame Raising Day 3

Timber Frame Raising End of Day 3

Day 4 begins below!


Day 5, time to wrap it up, setting rafters. Looks great!

Setting Rafters

View of the timber framing from lake side, nice.

Lake Side

Great job guys, come home!


The Boys are Back

The boys are back, and yes, us girls did miss them.  Let’s see what they’ve been up too?

Timber Frame Raising on Great East Lake


Full timber frame home will attach to this garage.

Here we go!

Excellent progress, almost finished!

View from the lake….literally. Standing on the ice to get this shot (thank you Eric)!

Timber Frame Raising

February 20, 2012 2 comments

Put the bents together, crane them into place, drop in the purlins and connectors, how hard can it be?


Experienced timber framers with  all the proper tools!!  Yes, that’s a big one.

2x’s for bracing…lots of bracing is needed.

Straps and Come-A-Longs?  Bring them ALL.

Who’s running crane guy?  Doug, check.

Great progress, lots more to go.

Here is our finished timber frame pool house.  LOVE it.

Let’s Raise It

October 17, 2011 4 comments

Let’s raise this timber frame.

Vermont Timber Works Crew, check.

GMH Transport show up yet with the timbers?  Yes, check

Forklift? Check

Lull? Check

OK.  Ready – Set – GO

Gambrel Roof with King & Queen Post Truss Designs

Beautiful Timber Frame & Beautiful View!

Foliage Season in Vermont

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Coming over the North Springfield Dam, pretty view this time of year. Don’t you agree?

Ok, back to the timber frame talk…

Our crew is in Hillsdale, NY this week,  raising this pretty timber frame party barn frame.

Foliage season is the best time for a raising, in our area…not too hot, not too cold.  This location, I’m sure has beautiful views.

Pictures soon, I hope!

Progress 10-13-11 Almost done, wow!