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Pergola Love

October 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Check out the details!

Better yet, check out the crazy beautiful view!

I think we should all have a timber frame pergola in our backyard, who’s with me?


Timber Frame Raising

The boys have been away, shop was quiet last week.

Raising this timber frame in Bridgewater,  VT.

Us office folk really missed them, we like noise in the shop.  Did you know that the same timber framers that hand cut the timbers are the same group that travel and raise our timber frames?  We’ll if you didn’t, you know it now.

Do we raise all of our frames?  No, we are flexible.

This frame, we started with the lower lever and 1st floor deck.

Up from there with native hemlock timbers, left rough sawn for a rustic look. Traditional Joinery (for the most part).

Looking good!

We teamed up with Fire Tower Engineered Timber on this one. Great group!


May 17, 2012 4 comments

me: Vermont Timber Works, this is Sandy.

caller: Hi, this is Jim.  Working on a project and my client would like a pergola for their property, post and beam style.  Can you help?

me: I’m sure we can and thank you for calling us.  Tell us about your pergola project.

caller:  Drawings are asking for long timbers.  Can I get timbers as long as 40ft?

me:  Sometimes, let us take a look and we’ll see what we can offer.

caller:  and it needs to be white oak, no exceptions, and hand hewn…

me:  Wow, hand hewing white oak is a challenge, we can do it.  A 40ft white oak beam is going to be a challenge.

caller:  I’ll send you the drawings, the rafter plates and lattice have a specific detail required.

me:  Detail?

caller: Yes, curved ends, fancy.

me: Bring it on.

Luckily the overall size of the pergola was scaled down a bit, 30′ x 32′ and away we go!

Okay, long story short, the original detail requested didn’t lend itself to heavy timber…this is the compromise.  Tapered from the center down to each end with this detail.  Very cool.  Needless to say, we did a few practice cuts before cutting into a 32ft long timber.

Nice, great job Kellin and Bradford.  See the taper shown on the shop drawing below?

And Voila!

Great team on this one.

James Dillon, Interstate Workshops, Inc.

Steve Mason, Mason & Krabbe General Contraction, Inc.

Nasser Nakib, Nasser Nakib Architect

Michael A. Macri, Grossfield Macri, PC Consulting Engineers

#1 White Oak Timbers, thank you Pioneer Lumber Co. and Great Brook Forest Products.

Beautiful view!

Custom mix finish will be applied to the timbers as well as the columns.  Can’t wait to see the finished pergola.