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Reclaim, Recycle, Reuse.

Reclaimed timbers are a wonderful recycling choice!

Lots of work goes into reclaiming timbers, just ask The Barn People.  Sometimes the old structure has fallen down or is taken down, either way the timbers must be cleaned and sorted.  Depending on the condition of the beams, this will determine their future use.

From a full timber frame with reclaimed timbers to just a few ceiling beams, many times you’ll see the original joinery, adds so much character.

  We put this hand hewn white oak frame mostly together in the yard (upside down) to be sure it fit together the way we envisioned.

Anyone up for a game of pool?  Recycled southern yellow pine was used for this beautiful and rustic space.

What are your thoughts on reclaimed timbers?  Worth it to pay more to get the character and of course to be green?!


New Timbers? Or Old?

March 30, 2012 2 comments


This post and beam party barn was built with rough sawn hemlock timbers…they look old, but are they?  What do you think?

We call them “weathered” and they were weathered by us, in our field, for several months. The client then left his timber frame uncovered for a year, need some finished pictures of this project.

Authentic reclaimed timbers are available, they are more costly but worth every penny (in my opinion).  If this is the timber look you want, it’s very difficult to fake it.

Which do you prefer? Timbers that look old?  Or the real deal?