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Take 4 scissor trusses and call me in the morning.


Oh and you better take some purlins too.

There, there, feel better?


Timber Frame decisions can be stressful.  It’s certainly an investment that absolutely adds warmth to the space.

Totally worth it, in our opinion BUT…

You don’t have to have a full timber frame, sometimes an accent with timber is all that’s needed, or wanted.

We understand.

You want big? You want small? Something in between?

We can do that.

The 4 Scissor Trusses shown above would help create a wonderful great room area, don’t you think?  They can brace on conventionally framed walls and viola!  This truss design visually adds height, which I love.


Timber Frame Raising

February 20, 2012 2 comments

Put the bents together, crane them into place, drop in the purlins and connectors, how hard can it be?


Experienced timber framers with  all the proper tools!!  Yes, that’s a big one.

2x’s for bracing…lots of bracing is needed.

Straps and Come-A-Longs?  Bring them ALL.

Who’s running crane guy?  Doug, check.

Great progress, lots more to go.

Here is our finished timber frame pool house.  LOVE it.