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October 12, 2012 5 comments

Let’s celebrate the October colors!

Please click on each photo to see where I found them (and to see much more incredible foliage shots)!

Happy Fall from all of us timber framers @ Vermont Timber Works, Inc.


Where is @TomVTW?

August 13, 2012 1 comment

Less office time, Tom can be found in our shop…timber framer by trade. Sales was an interesting change, but overall, he just enjoys hands on timber framing more.

Ha! A picture of Tom is hard to come by…anyone who knows him, knows how true this is.

So, we have a new salesperson.  Mike McLaine has joined office crew!

You can find Tom on twitter @tctimberframer.

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Flowers at the shop / A Let’s Blog Off Post

April 10, 2012 22 comments

This week LetsBlogOff wanted to talk about flowers…ok, I’m in.

And, since it’s Spring (why is it snowing, oh never mind).





Shannon (our landscaper) takes great care of us.  Soon it will be time for our timber framers to enjoy lunch time outside at the picnic table and these beautiful flowers will be enjoyed for another season.

Lilac is my favorite!

Timber Frame Raising

February 20, 2012 2 comments

Put the bents together, crane them into place, drop in the purlins and connectors, how hard can it be?


Experienced timber framers with  all the proper tools!!  Yes, that’s a big one.

2x’s for bracing…lots of bracing is needed.

Straps and Come-A-Longs?  Bring them ALL.

Who’s running crane guy?  Doug, check.

Great progress, lots more to go.

Here is our finished timber frame pool house.  LOVE it.