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It was fun while it lasted / A Let’s Blog Off Post

It was fun while it lasted, thank you Let’s Blog Off!

We joined in late, and in a short period of time, learned alot, met some great folks and new friends.  Time well spent!

Paul & Gerard, your hard work is appreciated, happy to have found you.  Stay in touch!

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The Edge Of Our “timber framing” World / A Let’s Blog Off Post

April 24, 2012 2 comments

The edge of our timber framing world ends at the timber frame.

Welcome to Vermont Timber Works, we are different because we focus on the frame.

This approach allows for great flexibility, all designs are custom, and sometimes quite complex, which we like.

BUT, what about the potential client that wants more?  They want us to close in their timber frame?  Perhaps even be their general contractor?  We’ll, this is usually a no (no thank you) from us.  It’s not what we are set up to do, it’s not in our comfort zone.

Until, we (meaning Tom) decided, why not?  This played out just the way we wanted (who knew at the time).  We were asked to not only provide the timber frame (beautiful project, timber frame on the lake), but also the wall framing, siding, insulation, roof panels, windows and doors. We hooked up with LaValley Building Supply and away we went.  It went well, we were chosen as their timber framer.  AND since we did the research and provided pricing for the additional scope, they were happy.  We actually passed it all along directly (no need to be in the middle) general contractor contracted directly with LaValleys.  Everyone happy.

So, I guess we stepped out of our comfort zone…then right back in it!

Timber Frame ONLY 🙂 please.

Flowers at the shop / A Let’s Blog Off Post

April 10, 2012 22 comments

This week LetsBlogOff wanted to talk about flowers…ok, I’m in.

And, since it’s Spring (why is it snowing, oh never mind).





Shannon (our landscaper) takes great care of us.  Soon it will be time for our timber framers to enjoy lunch time outside at the picnic table and these beautiful flowers will be enjoyed for another season.

Lilac is my favorite!

Cookies for the Timber Framers / A Let’s Blog Off Post

March 27, 2012 14 comments

The boys don’t complain (at least not to my face)! I always make the same kind, even during the holidays!

Ok, mine don’t look like that…

My twin girls always help me, it’s great fun.  We skip the nuts and add butterscotch chips.

And, when we don’t feel like making these, we just bring our timber framers OREO’s!

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Smells like / A Let’s Blog Off Post

February 14, 2012 5 comments

Smells like camp fire! Love love love that (Happy Valentine’s Day).

Whether it’s an actual camp fire, wood stove or fire place, just love it.

Always takes me back to a more relaxed state of mind (which some days is badly needed)!

 Camp fire is best though 🙂

Even the pellet stove at the office is a plus!

Now, I’m missing Ruby.