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The Buildup of a Project

August 16, 2012 Leave a comment

We get projects in of all shapes and sizes.  The information that we receive from the client also ranges from a full set of construction drawings to hand sketches and images.  How does the information we receive become a building?  Here is a little sample of what drawings we receive and how we can make it into a timber frame building.

In an e-mail we were given the overall dimensions of the building; length and width.  The location was also provided and we know how important that information is.  We were also given the side wall height and the roof slope, along with this picture.

This is an image of a barn that the client liked and want something similar.  We then take this information and it goes to the estimator.  The estimator looks at the information and ask questions like what material is the project going to be cut from and do they have a bay size preference.  The they estimate the cost of the timber frame and put together preliminary sketch together.

Once the preliminary sketches are completed, and the bid becomes an actual project, the client needs to make note of any changes that they would like.  This information, the material list from the bid, and the preliminary sketches is then drawn in a 3D drafting program and the design begins.  The program allows us to produce 3D-pdf’s for the client to review as well as 2D drawings for construction purposes.

Then this is what the final frame looks like.


Timber Frame Raising

The boys have been away, shop was quiet last week.

Raising this timber frame in Bridgewater,  VT.

Us office folk really missed them, we like noise in the shop.  Did you know that the same timber framers that hand cut the timbers are the same group that travel and raise our timber frames?  We’ll if you didn’t, you know it now.

Do we raise all of our frames?  No, we are flexible.

This frame, we started with the lower lever and 1st floor deck.

Up from there with native hemlock timbers, left rough sawn for a rustic look. Traditional Joinery (for the most part).

Looking good!

We teamed up with Fire Tower Engineered Timber on this one. Great group!

Impressive Journey

June 20, 2012 19 comments

Impressive Journey AKA Ashley

She would like a new horse barn.  Why?  Well, I think she may be tired of chewing on her barn.  Chewing you ask? Yes, her barn was built with eastern white pine trim pieces and stall doors, (not the best choice).

Native hemlock would have been a better choice.  Although when bored, she does chew on her hemlock fence, not nearly as much as the white pine.

This barn design rocks. Rough sawn hemlock timbers, traditional timber framing, beautiful design.

Ashley agrees, this could work.

Ok, who wants a Vermont Timber Works T-Shirt? Here’s the deal, leave a comment over the next week, I’ll draw a winner at random on Wednesday 6/27/12.  AND, 1st one who comments which breed of horse my Ashley is will get an extra entry.

Good Luck!

Handcrafted For The Horses

This post begins over on Tom’s blog Hand Crafted Timber Frames, his client asks him “Why do I care if it’s handcrafted”? Great question, great post and great project.

Tom’s client decided that he did care. Sharing these finished timber frame barn pictures with you, what do you think?

Let’s check out the interior… Are you ready?

Lucky horses, very lucky.

Thank you Eric J. Smith Architect not only for bringing us such a wonderful opportunity, but for also sharing these pictures.  Much appreciated!

New Timbers? Or Old?

March 30, 2012 2 comments


This post and beam party barn was built with rough sawn hemlock timbers…they look old, but are they?  What do you think?

We call them “weathered” and they were weathered by us, in our field, for several months. The client then left his timber frame uncovered for a year, need some finished pictures of this project.

Authentic reclaimed timbers are available, they are more costly but worth every penny (in my opinion).  If this is the timber look you want, it’s very difficult to fake it.

Which do you prefer? Timbers that look old?  Or the real deal?

Timber Frame Garage and More

December 14, 2011 2 comments

This timber frame is ready to go…2 tractor trailer loads, lots of timbers, beautiful design.

Timber Frame Garage & More
Must get organized…


Ok, check…Ties? Where are the ties?

Oh, there they are, good.  Joists are all set also, excellent.

Hi Josh!  It must be break time.

Posts?  I know there are more posts…not to worry.

Each timber is carefully labeled (very important).  Our client’s general contractor and his crew will be raising this timber frame.  We often travel for the raising, but  not in this case.  Only a site-super will be needed.  (Vermont Timber Works is flexible…well, about some things)!

Let’s Raise It

October 17, 2011 4 comments

Let’s raise this timber frame.

Vermont Timber Works Crew, check.

GMH Transport show up yet with the timbers?  Yes, check

Forklift? Check

Lull? Check

OK.  Ready – Set – GO

Gambrel Roof with King & Queen Post Truss Designs

Beautiful Timber Frame & Beautiful View!