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Painted Cabinetry in a Timber Frame Home

December 29, 2013 Leave a comment

A beautiful kitchen in a timber frame home is always a winner in my book.  In a conventionally framed home, natural wood cabinetry would be my choice, in almost every situation.  But, what about a timber frame home?  Wood timbers, probably wood flooring, the cabinetry in another wood choice might be too much.  Painted cabinetry wins out for contrast alone.

Painted Cabinetry in a Timber Frame Home

Painted Cabinetry in a Timber Frame Home

What do you think?  The white cabinets are very pretty and very safe.  Would you be more daring?

Hand Hewn Timbers Contrast Nicely.

Hand Hewn Timbers Contrast Nicely.

Count me in on all of this.  Hand hewn timbers, gorgeous stone fireplace and hearth, love it.  Let’s take a look at the exterior, just for fun!

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for your Timber Frame Home.

April 6, 2010 4 comments

Wood cabinets?  Is that too much wood? Painted cabinets?  What to do? Well, how about taking a look at both. Full timber frame home in rough sawn hemlock timbers and a custom cherry full overlay cabinet.  Very nice!

Although I love the contrast between the pine timbers, painted custom cabinetry and the wood floor, I wouldn’t haven chosen white for my household.  Brave choice and it looks fabulous!

Now, let’s talk about that fireplace…

Hand Hewn Timber Frame Home

Hand Hewn Timber Frame

Custom designs for your unique timber frame home.  Sound like a good idea?  Of course.  You want hand hewn timbers?  We are fine with that.  You want a gambrel roof system and a timber porch?  We can do.  Big time snow load or hurricane alley, our engineer can handle it. Right PJZ?

Timber Frame Home

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